Automate Your CTR
Increase Rankings & Expand Proximity
Works Great for GMB Listings & Websites

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CTR Manipulation Bot From WebMagic SEO

Easy to Use
Takes less than 5 minutes to setup a project, and once it's runningĀ  you're good to go! Set it and forget it!
Everything is Included
No need to worry about proxies, vps or setting things up. We do everything for you and give you the keys to the tool once it's all setup.
Realistic Traffic From Multiple Sources
Unlike other traffic bots out there, our bot uses browsers from Chrome, Firefox, and even Android mobile to perform the click through actions. This ensures a good variety of traffic that looks and acts perfectly normal and real.

Reasons Why You'll Want to Add This CTR Bot to Your SEO Arsenal

  • Your other CTR bot is probably not working: There are all kinds of technical reasons I can get into about why most of the other CTR bots on the market don't work. But to keep it simple, most of them don't do a good job of hiding the drivers that make them work from Google. Google can see the Selenium remote controlling the automation on the CTR and will discount that traffic completely. Our bot disguises these drivers and masks other browser fingerprints to ensure everything looks normal to Google.
  • Real 4G & 5G Mobile Proxies: The IP address you're performing the CTR with may be the most important element in making sure Google is crediting these CTR actions as legit. If you're using cheap data-center proxies, or overshared, expensive (and often unreliable) residential proxies, it's likely Google isn't even counting traffic from these IP's as real. So we've saved you the trouble and built the bot using our own legit 4G mobile proxies built right into the CTR bot! And you now have the option to use our new 5G AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon mobile proxies from over 39 different locations!
  • Simplicity: This CTR bot is easy, easy, easy to use (watch video above). Aside from how easy the bot itself is to use, we're also setting everything up for you and giving you your own VPS so all you have to do is login and start setting up your projects. Full support is also provided, and if you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects can I get on one machine?
We now have users running more than 20+ projects on one machine setup and it runs perfectly. Just keep in mind that the more projects you setup, the more searches the bot will need to perform throughout the day. If you setup too many projects, or too much search volume in the projects, there is a chance that some of your projects may not get the desired amount of searches during the day.
How long before I see results?
Results will vary based on many factors, but we typically see positive movement within 30-60 days of consistent CTR. Some projects show results within a few weeks. Keep in mind that CTR manipulation is NOT the end-all-be-all solution to guarantee you're ranking #1 across the board. It is only a piece of the puzzle. But when used in conjunction with other proper SEO techniques, it is a winning combination. And we know unequivocally that Google's RankBrain uses CTR as a major ranking factor in its' algorithm.
Does this work for the UK?
Yes! As of version 4.2, the CTR Bot now works on UK websites and GMB's. We also have UK based 4G Mobile proxies coded into the bot for all of the UK CTR projects.
Is this a monthly subscription?
Yes. The tool relies on other services like MultiLogin, proxies, and multiple machines to make it work. You can cancel at any time.
Can I resell CTR as a DFY service using this CTR Bot?
100% yes. Many people upsell CTR as an additional service for their clients and fetch premium fees with positive ROI.
Billed monthly. Cancel at any time.
  • CTR Bot
  • Built-In 4G Mobile Proxies
  • MultiLogin Browser Activated (Chrome, Firefox & Android Mobile)
  • Includes Setup and VPS Access