Thanks for stopping by WebMagic SEO and wanting to learn more about us and what we do!
My name is Matt Helphrey and I am the owner and operator of WebMagic SEO LLC. I’ve been in and around SEO since about 2003 when I was a younger man seeking alternative ways to earn money, aside from my two jobs I was working at the same time.
Boy, things seemed much easier way back then when you could get away ranking just about anything if you just threw enough crap links and pointed them at your properties. Unfortunately, those simple times have faded, but ranking properties and getting traffic is still possible assuming you are using the right methods with the right tools.
And that is exactly why I started WebMagic SEO. Not only to point people in the right direction in terms of strategies, but also to help them with all of the tedious tasks it takes to get the job done these days using proprietary tools we’ve developed right here.

SEO Tools Created By Actual SEO Pros

Not all tools are created equal. Here’s a news flash; people will try to sell you anything just to make money. So we’re taking a fresh approach here at WebMagic SEO. Instead of promoting a new tool each week, we’re only going to promote tools that are proven to work and actually bring results. Then we concentrate and focus on making those tools better.
I see so many self-proclaimed SEO gurus constantly promoting tools to their group of followers, without any real proof that their tools actually bring results! Do they work? Sure, they work functionally, but most of the tools are seriously not needed and are just a complete waste of money and efforts.
Rest assured that all of the tools we build here are tools that we ACTUALLY USE daily and use them because they are needed and because they make our lives easier and our pocket books fatter. Truth.
Since the day I started doing SEO I’ve been wasting my time and money on absolute junk until one day I got fed up and finally decided to outsource the creation of tools I wanted and KNEW would actually help me make more money with SEO. Eventually I learned how to code myself, and brought on a team of skilled developers to focus on providing quality in-house tools to bring results to the growing number of local clients we were getting.
Now with the advent of WebMagic SEO, you too now have access to many of the same tools we use everyday here to bring higher rankings, more traffic and more leads.

Tips, Tricks, Strategies:

I love testing new tools and implementing new online money making strategies. Where most people might give in and give up on complicated tools or strategies that just don’t seem to work, I certainly do not. I will keep pushing until I’ve exhausted all of my resources and/or get to a point where I realize the SEO tool or strategy I’m experimenting with has no chance in hell of giving me a positive return on investment.
This borderline OCD approach to testing things online has led me to many successes, and I plan on sharing these strategies on this website and to our subscribers at WebMagic Masterminds on Facebook. I will do my best to break down what tools I use, how to set them up properly, and how I use them to create massive, passive online income so you can do the same.

Partner Up With Us Or Outsource Your Tools To Us

Not only do we build SEO tools and offer them for sale here, but we also like to take on partners and build tools for other SEO pros as well. I will admit, as long as I’ve been doing SEO I still do not know it all. Certainly there are a TON of strategies, methods and loopholes that I have never even thought about or knew existed.
So if you have a certain strategy that you know about and want to scale it up through web automation and don’t know of any tools for sale that do what you need, we want to work with you to make it happen. We can collaborate our thoughts and skills and work together, or you also have the ability to just hire us to create the tool for you. Either way, we’d be happy to have a conversation about it and look forward to discussing your needs.